Tires: They Affect Your Gas Mileage

Do you ever think about whether your tires have any impact on your gas mileage? The tires are the only part of the car that make contact with the road while you drive, its only reasonable to think that the tire plays a roll in your cars fuel economy. This characteristic is known as “Tire Rolling Resistance”. There are a few things to keep in mind when examining tires and fuel economy. It’s been proven that as a tire wears, it becomes less resistant to roll. This is partially attributed to its shorter tread depth and lower weight. A new tire at full tread will weigh more and experience more squirm in the tread blocks, which increases the amount of power needed to make the tire roll on the road.


Something else that we should understand is that a worn tire also ends up being shorter than a new tire. With every rotation of a worn tire, you are traveling a bit of a shorter distance than you would on a new tire. Of course your odometer does not account for this, so there is an error in the fuel economy calculation. When you install a new tire, you are correcting this wear and also going from the lowest levels of rolling resistance to the highest.

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